Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can Olive Or Twist Bartending (OOTB) provide the alcohol for a cash bar?
    • Unfortunately at this time we are not able to provide alcohol. We are hoping to offer this option at in the future!

  • Does OOTB pour straight shots of liquor, neat pours (straight liquor in a glass), or on the rocks pours (straight liquor over ice). 
    • Due to our insurance and out of respect for the venues and couples we work with, we do not pour shots, neat pours, or on the rocks pours. We love to help everyone celebrate responsibly while also providing a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the event 

  • Does OOTB provide glassware rentals? 
    • While we do not provide glassware rentals at this time, we do hope to keep exploring this option in order to provide more options for our future clients!

  • Can OOTB help us to create a personalized drink menu? 
    • Absolutely! Creating personalized cocktails for our clients is one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole process! We love taking what our clients already enjoy and offer some ways to provide a unique twist!

  • Will OOTB help us figure out how much liquor, beer, wine, mixers, and garnishes to buy? 
    • For sure! This is one of the aspects that really differentiates us from the pack. We provide a personalized shopping list for each of our clients free of charge! 

  • Does OOTB have margarita machines for rent? 
    • We are very excited that we have partnered with Margarita Man Austin ( for all your margarita machine needs! Armando at Margarita Man Austin is an absolute pleasure to work with and provides an amazing customer experience!

  • Can OOTB help us with table bussing? 
    • When we were planning our wedding we made it a high priority to have our tables bussed. We wanted to make sure that the tables were not full of trash so that our guests would not have to look at it after dinner, and we also did not want to have trash in all of our photos! So, we love to be able to offer to bring some extra staff to help bus tables throughout the evening!

Please do not hesitate to shoot us an email or fill out the "Contact Us" Page and we can get any other question you may have answered!